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I’m a management consultant based in NYC. I love working with large organizations eager to move from endless “strategy and planning” to actually making stuff. Today that often includes technology and, more often, the teams necessary to build great digital products. My research and expertise focus on cross-functionality in organization design and how that affects large, strategic initiatives especially those including new technology.

I do this full time @ McCallum & Partners as the founder and pretty much sole employee.

My work involves:

  • Discovering latent capability in organizations.
  • Coaching executives on what it actually means to “go digital.”
  • Examining structural (skills, capital, market) effects on team morale and potential.
  • Identifying meaningful starting-points for transformation efforts.
  • Looking for talent that’s ready (and able) for a challenge.
  • Scrubbing in as a data scientist and crunching stats for any of the above activities.

Before starting my own company, I worked as a civil servant in the Federal Government with a bunch of great folk at 18F: public servants helping other public servants modernize their approach to mission. We improved the workings of bureaucracy through prototypes, transformation initiatives, user-centered research, assisted acquisitions, and even full-blown product builds. I was the product manager for this, fairly important, project that rebuilt how federal employees apply for security and suitability investigations, i.e. background checks and security clearances.

Prior to government service I worked in the private sector on multiple reorganizations including financial services firms and other highly regulated industries. Restructuring, product development, cross-disciplinary teams, APIs, opportunity costs, and design sprints are words that perk my ears.

Example projects:

  • Advised the United States Navy on a platform that helps sailors manage their career.
  • Worked with leadership here to create three digital teams across the country that are building great product here.
  • Rebuilt compliance architecture, operations, and tools at a global bank.
  • Developed a common mission for marketing with the biggest snacks and beverage maker in the world.
  • Tested and released a global payroll automation for the largest investment bank.

In my spare time you can find me hiking a National Park, jamming out to some classic rock, reading economic history, drinking fancy coffee, or pouring over management documents from the 19th Century at the Library of Congress.

Speaking of coffee, let’s grab some if you’re in NYC, first cup’s on me.

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*The material on this website might be very relevant to the work I do day-to-day, but nothing should be taken as the opinion, day dream, official position, policy mandate, or deep desire of my employer.